Denver Broncos' Von Miller gives every AFC West player a bottle of limited-edition wine

Posted at 12:04 AM, Dec 03, 2016
Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller gave every player in the AFC West a custom bottle of wine for the holidays with a note saying what an honor it is to face them twice a year and thanking them "for helping to make the game great." 
"The AFC West has been good to all of us. It's been a great division in football for the last four years. I was just thinking of things that I can do for those guys on other teams. I have guys on every team," Miller said Friday. "I just organized it and boom, sent everybody on the teams a bottle of wine."
The 2014 cabernet sauvignon, called The Setting, is a limited edition crafted by winemaker Jesse Katz, and the label features an orange outline of Miller's signature eyeglasses. 
"I thought of all type of stuff. I thought about cars, a trip to Vegas and vacations," Miller joked. "The wine sounded just about right."
Miller always gives his teammates Christmas gifts -- last year it was a bottle of whiskey and specialty underwear -- and he said now that he's the highest-paid nonquarterback in the league he wanted to do something for his opponents, too.
"It was always something that I wanted to do and now I'm just in a situation to do it," Miller said. 
Miller made the remaining 100 bottles of the wine available on his site, with donations of $500 or more to his foundation, Von's Vision, garnering a voucher for a bottle.