Vince McMahon's XFL is hiring, here's how to apply

Founded in 1999, so far with only one season to show for, the XFL announced its comeback for the year 2020 and they are now hiring.

The XFL is an American football league that would take place during the NFL's offseason. The XFL is promoted as having fewer rules and encouraging a rougher play style. 

Due to poor viewership and overall quality of talent on the field, the 2001 season was the beginning and the end of the league. NBC was the other partner on the investment, and they pulled out after the inaugural season. 

In 2020, the new XFL will be owned by Vince McMahon and his Alpha Entertainment company. 

According to the league's website, they are looking for anyone from a VP of Finance and Accounting to the players themselves. 

To find out more about the positions, click here

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