VIDEO: Police look for self-checkout thieves who stole $1,100 from Florida Walmart

It all started with a simple purchase.
Posted at 4:23 PM, Apr 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-29 17:23:25-04
(WFLA) Police in Winter Haven, Florida are searching for eight people who took more than $1,100 in cash from a Walmart self-checkout register after discovering it was giving improper change.
It all started with a simple purchase.
A man with a large tattoo covering his right shoulder, bought and paid for his items. But, when he realized the machine gave him a twenty instead of a five, he walks out of the camera's view and apparently alerts his friend, who then walks up to the same self-checkout stand and does the exact same thing.
"Immediately, you see them start to come in one by one. Grabbing one item, whether it's a cold drink or a candy bar or pack of gum," said Jamie Brown, the Public Information Officer for the Winter Haven Police Department.
Several children were among those who took money.
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