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Tesla asks carmakers to produce mutually compatible charging ports

The company has struggled with its own charging port reliability issues.
Posted at 10:04 PM, Nov 11, 2022

Automaker Tesla is asking other vehicle manufactures to make cars that have charging ports which would be compatible with Tesla's vehicles.

In a blog post the automaker said other automakers as well as other charging companies should add certain Tesla-compatible plugs as part of their charging devices.

Currently, manufacturers of other electric vehicles have to buy special adapters to charge using Tesla chargers. And Tesla's chargers have known reliability issues.

No companies have announced plans to change their systems for charging.

The company made the announcement recently in a blog post.

As CNN reported, one of Tesla's largest advantages has been its network of charging stations around the country.

Right now, Tesla outnumbers the network of CCS chargers, used by brands including General Motors, Audi, Rivian and Ford.