Shutdown of tribal casinos deals blow to Indian Country

Virus Outbreak Tribal Casinos
Posted at 4:59 PM, May 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-10 18:01:02-04

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — Some 500 Native American casinos have shut down during the pandemic, often taking away tribes’ main source of income.

While some Native American-owned casinos have reopened or plan to in coming weeks, most are still closed. Besides costing tribes millions of dollars, the closures have forced layoffs and furloughs. One tribe in Washington state says it can't fund anything without the casino but recently reopened after two months.

In Connecticut, workers at two large casinos are eager to get back to work. But they say it's better to be safe than sorry because “to open and close again would be terrible."