Petition calls for federal bus stop safety laws

Posted at 3:08 PM, Nov 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-11 16:08:34-05

A petition on the White House websiteis pushing for a federal bus stop safety law that gives severe penalties for violating the alternating reds on school busses. 

The petition was created on Halloween, a day after three children in Indiana were struck and killed by a driver while waiting for the school bus. 

The same week, nationwide, five children had been killed in school bus stop related accidents. 

"We call upon our President and Congress to act by signing legislation that will keep our children safe by instituting severe penalties on ppl who choose to violate the red lights on a bus such as 30 days in jail, 90 day license suspension, 12 points on license and a mandatory minimum fine of $5000.00 for the first offense," the petition says. 

Currently, the petition has collected over 1,400 signatures of its 100,000 goal. The petition must acquire 100,000 signatures by November 30, 2018 to be reviewed by the White House. 

According to a one day study done by the Wisconsin School Bus Association, out of 1,538 participating drivers, 363 cars were observed passing the stop arms.

Failure to comply with school bus stop laws in Wisconsin could result in a $362 fine.