"Pay with Gasbuddy" claims it can save drivers hundreds each year on gas

BOSTON -- Gasbuddy, the popular app that lets drivers search for gas prices by location, claims its newly launched payment system can save drivers hundreds each year at the pump.
On Monday, the company launched a new payment system called "Pay with Gasbuddy” that promises to shave 5 cents off each gallon of gas at 95% of gas stations in the United States.
The new gas payment card is tied to your checking account and automatically deducts gas purchases from your account 5 cents per gallon lower than advertised at the pump. 
Gasbuddy claims this will save drivers up to $340 dollars per year when used with the Gasbuddy app.
The program is free to join, there's no credit application and just a checking account is needed.
To enroll, visit pay.gasbuddy.com or download the free Gasbuddy Smartphone app and click on the wallet icon.

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