New York man invites Wisconsin Trump supporters on a free weekend getaway

He wants them to gain new perspective
Posted at 6:13 PM, Feb 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-01 20:36:45-05
NEW YORK -- A Wisconsin man living in New York is asking Trump supporters from his home state to come visit him in New York City - and he'll foot the bill.
According to an NBC Chicago report, Dan Backhaus, formerly of West Bend, invited Wisconsin conservatives on Facebook to come see the Big Apple with him. Backhaus said he came up with the idea while attending a protest of President Donald Trump's order on immigration. 
“I’d like to invite any Wisconsinite who supports Trump to come spend a free weekend with me, my girlfriend and my dog Megabite in Elmhurst, Queens,” Backhaus wrote. “If anyone should support Trump and fear terrorism, Muslims and refugees, it’s me. I’m a 40-year-old, non-college educated white male from the reddest county in Wisconsin.”
He added he would cover airfare as well. 
While he doesn't think he will change anyone's mind over a weekend getaway, Backhaus says hopes to expose to and expose visitors from his home state to a different perspective. He lives blocks away from the World Trade Center and near a mosque in a diverse neighborhood in Queens. 

"I can hang out in my neighborhood for a week and not hear English spoken,” he told NBC Chicago. “Which is great. I love it. But if you’re for what’s going on right now, at least kind of have the guts to come out and hang out here with these people for a day."

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