Moose leaves bloody mess in Utah basement

Posted at 11:43 AM, Feb 17, 2019

(KSL) A Utah couple had an unexpected visitor drop in on them on Valentine's Day.

Gabriele Goulet and her fiance, Tim Morgan, were housesitting for her parents in Summit County Thursday morning, when they heard a loud sound of shattering glass.

They immediately ran downstairs, and realized the home invader was a female moose who fell through a window well, landing inside the basement. She had several cuts, and was bleeding onto the carpet.

Concerned for the animal and their safety, Goulet called 911, while Morgan tried to lure the moose out of the basement.

When police and wildlife officers arrived, they began to bang on some of the intact windows to try and get the animal moving.

Sure enough, the moose made its way through the basement, and out the garage door, before wandering off into the wild.

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