Michigan man wrongly accused of child molestation sues city, police officer

Posted at 1:29 PM, Dec 17, 2017

DETROIT, Michigan — Bernard Young has filed a federal lawsuit against a former Detroit police sergeant, Shelley Foy, and the City of Detroit. 

He says they let him serve time for crimes they knew he didn't commit.

"It's important that someone held accountable because they know they were wrong for what they done," says Young.

He spent 28 years in prison for molesting 2 boys, but he says Foy knew very early on that the 2 young accusers had recanted their story. 

He says not coming forward with that information cost him almost three decades of freedom; the case against Young was recently dismissed.

Solomon Radner, Young's attorney, says, "There's nothing else we can do to take government officials to task. The only thing that we can possibly do is bring a lawsuit against that person and that's what we did .. and hopefully it will be the thing that helps stop this from happening in the future."

7 Action News called Foy for comment, but we couldn't reach her. 

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the city of Detroit told us they don't comment on pending litigation.