Michigan gun shop owner prohibiting sale of ammo on New Year's Eve

Posted at 3:18 PM, Dec 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-31 15:21:36-05

The notorious celebration of shooting guns at midnight on New Year's Eve is something law enforcement officials and many residents want to stop.

One gun shop owner in Southfield, Michigan is doing his part to curb that kind of gunfire.

"We have somebody shooting a gun up in the air with no specific target and there is a good chance they are under the influence of alcohol," said Bill Kucyk.

He is the owner of Action Impact in Southfield and Easpointe.

"On New Year's Eve I give free range time and I don't sell ammunition out the door."

He has been doing that for the past nine years. When he first opened his business, he noticed customers were buying ammunition in bulk on New Year's Eve.

"I started asking them 'I'm just curious what are you going to do with this?' And they said 'at midnight we are shooting it off.' And that made me uncomfortable."

He said he knows people affected by the celebratory gunfire.

"I talk to people who have had bullets come through their front doors, their windows, hit their cars."

By not selling ammunition out the door Sunday, he says he's doing his part and now it's time to do yours.

"If you are at a party and somebody is going to pull out a gun and tend to shoot it up in the air, why don't you step forward as a family member of friend and discourage that."

The gun range will be offered for free all day Sunday at his two locations.

"Get it out of your system early and have a safe New Year's Eve," Kucyk added.