McDonald's investing $6 billion into their fast-food chains, creating jobs

Posted at 2:32 PM, Aug 14, 2018

McDonald's is investing $6 billion into their fast-food chains. Franchises across the country will be getting a new modern, high-tech look. The fast-food mogul says these updates will enhance the guest experience. 

Not only is it great for business, but it's great for communities. Franchise operator Laura Bucar says in her 40 years of doing business, McDonald's has never invested this much money into it's existing chains. 

"When we decide to move on anything, what that creates for the community, as far as jobs and resources, is incredible,” says Bucar. 

In order to create an incredible experience, McDonald's is investing millions of dollars into nearly every state to update their restaurants.

“We just finished ours in July, and I can’t tell you how many electricians and plumbers locally that were sourced to come in, and even digital and technical people and so it really adds to the economy,” says Bucar.

Each fast food restaurant is able to customize their artwork inside. Bucar is excited to give visibility to local artists. 

Not only is McDonald's offering jobs in the community for construction workers, but they are also adding a handful of positions inside their restaurants, too. They include mobile service pickup, table service and a guest enhancement lead (GEL). The GEL will help guest use the new kiosks to order their food when in a rush.