Man arrested for OVI while wearing 'This Guy Needs A Beer' T-shirt

Posted at 4:58 PM, May 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-05 17:20:04-04

This Ohio driver picked particularly poor attire in which to get arrested. It happened after the suspect, Jeremy E. Dean, made his way around the town after 5 p.m. Eastern on April 28.

First, officers were dispatched to check out "reckless operation of a dark green Chevy Lumina."

Next, they responded to the scene of a fender-bender at an intersection. A had woman called police to say that a dark green Chevy Lumina had struck her vehicle there.

When the suspect vehicle stopped and the male driver attempted to use a nearby ATM, an officer tried to speak with him. Instead of answering, the driver fled--leaving his card in the ATM. 

Dispatch then received a third call stating that the dark green Chevy Lumina was now at a local Circle K.

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That's where an Alliance (Ohio) police officer caught up with Dean, clad in his "This Guy Needs A Beer," t-shirt.

The officer said Dean had red and bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and had "a strong odor of alcohol corning from his person."

Dean consented to blood alcohol tests and, according the officer, he "did perform poorly on these tests."

After his arrest, Dean was asked if he remembered hitting a car while near the bank. He said he did not.

He admitted to having a drinking problem: A "12-pack or better" in one sitting plus "a lot of whiskey."