Sanders, Cruz win Wis. primary

Posted at 9:10 PM, Apr 05, 2016

Democrat Bernie Sanders and Republican Ted Cruz are the projected winners for Tuesday's Wisconsin primary, based off early results. 

Sanders was trying to keep his winning streak as he has a substantial deficit in delegates compared to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but his campaign has been buoyed in recent weeks by winning five of the last six state contests. 

Recent polling in Wisconsin indicated that the race would be a close one between Clinton and Sanders on Tuesday. Even with big wins in recent states, Sanders trails Clinton by 263 in elected delegates. When superdelegates are included, Clinton leads by more than 700 delegates.

Meanwhile for the Republicans, Donald Trump was once considered the favorite to win tonight's Wisconsin primary. His lead in the polls has eroded as  Cruz had a slight edge in the state going into election day. Trump entered Tuesday with a 737 to 475 delegate advantage over Cruz. 

Trump needs to win 53.7 percent of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination going into the convention. In order for Cruz to win the nomination outright, he needs to earn 82 percent of the remaining delegates. 

Cruz's projected win in Wisconsin means he is more likely to force Trump into a contested convention, as Trump's odds of winning the nomination outright during the primary process are shrinking.