High-tech vests creates 3-D heart map, locates abnormal heartbeats

Doctors have a new way to map the heart and track deadly abnormal heartbeats. 

It's called Cardioinsight, which is a vest created from electrodes. The cardio vest maps a patient's heart from the outside in. It can also find an irregular heartbeat, which could cause a stroke or heart failure. 

"If you're tracking someone who's staying on the phone you can tell where the neighborhood is, this gives us the apartment," said Dr. Amin Al-Ahmad, a cardiac electrophysiologist at the Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute at St. David's Medical Center.

Al-Ahmad says the high-tech vest is completely personalized.

"It actually utilizes the patient's own anatomy. So in other words, the patient has a CT scan, so we can see exactly what that patient's heart looks like because every patient's heart looks a little differently," said Al-Ahmad. 

Right now, doctors only have 12 electrodes to look inside a patient's heart. With the cardio vest, doctors can have more than 250, and there are only 11 hospitals across the country that have it.

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