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Florida student attends class every day for 13 years

She never called in sick
Posted at 11:13 AM, May 08, 2018

A Florida student has not missed a single day of school in the past 13 years. Nicole Perrone will graduate next week in Marion County, Florida with 2,340 days of perfect attendance behind her. 

Marion County Public Schools recognized Perrone for her dedication with a post on the district's website. She has the highest attendance rate in the entire district for the Class of 2018.

"Nicole Perrone graduates next week with the highest attendance rate in the district for the Class of 2018 – NOT missing a single day of class during 13 years of school.  That’s 100 percent attendance – 2,340 out of 2,340 days of class (minus some hurricane days)," the statement from the district reads in part.

Perrone wants to be a Physician's Assistant in Dermatology and will pursue her goal at the University of South Florida according to MCPS. She already received her Associate of Arts degree from the College of Central Florida prior to graduation as part of a dual enrollment program.