Florida photographer captures bird carrying shark, which is eating a fish

The best photo he's ever taken
Posted: 12:18 PM, Apr 30, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-30 17:18:51Z

A photographer in Florida recently photographed what he thought was just an osprey carrying a fish along Madeira Beach. It turned out to be the best photo he has ever taken.

Upon further inspection, Doc Jon realized he managed to capture an osprey carrying a shark, which was in the process of eating a fish. 

He clarifies that it is his best photo due to its content, not its quality. He told the Weather Channel, "I zoom in and I’m like, 'Holy crap, that’s a shark.' And then I see the fish in the mouth ... I just couldn’t believe I had gotten that picture."

"When i looked on my computer i saw the fishs tail was that of a shark. then zooming and cleaning up the photo noticed THE SHARK IS EATING A FISH!! !!!" Jon said in his Facebook post. 

Jon told the Weather Channel he had just one regret about his shot:

"My first thought is I wish it was cleaner...It's not a very good photograph."