Florida man does cartwheels during drunk driving stop

Posted at 6:37 PM, Feb 07, 2018

A man in Cape Coral, Florida is behind bars after he was found drunk in a McDonald's parking lot.

What's worse... this was the second time in 48 hours he had a run-in with police.

After police got 30-year-old Christopher Bidzinski out of his truck, he could tell where it was going.

Officers say they knew him from an incident the night before where they had to take him home.

He told police he had been drinking chardonnay. 

"Take me to jail.I beg of you. I deserve to go to jail,” Bidzinski said. 

When they asked him to do a field sobriety test, he asked, "Can I eat more French Fries? I'm not going to  **bleep** pass."

He eventually agreed, but officers say he couldn't stay focused.

"I bet you I can do a backflip right now," he said.

After failing the test, he refused his breathalyzer. 

Officers found a chilled unopened bottle of wine in his truck and placed him under arrest for DUI.  

They say the smell of alcohol engulfed the police car and he fell asleep as they sent him to jail.