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FBI hunting for leads after hikers discover part of woman's body in forest near Camp David

Catoctin Mountain Park
Posted at 7:03 PM, Jun 17, 2021

THURMONT, Md. (WMAR) -- The FBI is hunting for leads after a group of hikers on Saturday discovered part of a woman's body in Catoctin Mountain Park, just two miles away from Camp David.

Not much is known about the victim, but officials say she had long, dark hair with braids and was wearing this black tracksuit with a wrist guard and red Nike shoes.

Catoctin Mountain Park body discovery

A set of keys with an El Salvador key chain and Puma handbag were also recovered by her body.

Catoctin Mountain Park
Catoctin Mountain Park

It's unclear how long her body had been in the park.

While an autopsy may help determine if she was the victim of foul play, the fact her dismembered body turned up about two miles from the presidential retreat at Camp David cannot be ignored.

“The National Park Service and the park rangers, the law enforcement branch, definitely it perks their ears with the proximity to Camp David, but for us, it really at this point is not in play, but we understand the sensitivity that comes with that being next to Camp David,” said FBI Special Agent Richard Ruggieri.

The FBI is asking anyone who may know this woman or with information on the disappearance of someone in the last six months, to call them at 1-800-225-5324.

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