Dozens of Amazon packages dumped on woman's driveway

Amazon will now deliver straight to your car, in Milwaukee
Posted at 1:29 PM, Dec 01, 2018

SOUTH WINDSOR, Ct. (WFSB) -- A South Windsor woman was forced to play Santa after dozens of packages were mysteriously dumped in her driveway.

It’s an experience that’s now making her think twice about shopping online.

Barbara Andriks said she found a container full of Amazon packages in her driveway on Wednesday.

“I unzipped it and I saw all these names and addresses of people around me and in East Hartford,” Andriks said.

She sifted through more than 20 packages and she says they all had the traditional return address or shipping company info was missing.

So, she called Amazon.

“When I gave the company this tracking number, they had no clue and basically washed their hands of it and said, well, keep it all,” Andriks said.

But that didn’t sit well with her.

“I was afraid it was some kid who wasn’t going to get their Christmas gift,” Andriks said.

So, the next day she put the packages in her SUV and went all over South Windsor and East Hartford.

“I spent about two hours yesterday roaming the streets looking up addresses and delivering,” she said.

This experience, she said, has made her wary of shopping online, and was even more surprised to learn this might have happened to someone else.

“A coworker asked me if her package was in there because she didn’t get hers either and she lives in East Hartford,” Andriks said.

In a statement, Amazon said "We have high standards for delivery service partners and expect every package to be handled with care. We will address this with our delivery service partner and continue to work with customers directly on matters related to package delivery."

In the meantime, Andriks said the company gave her a $100 gift card for her efforts.


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