Win or lose, Trump is coming to Pennsylvania Avenue

Posted at 2:58 PM, Jun 30, 2016
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both fighting hard to call 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home after Inauguration Day. But just a few blocks down the same street, Trump already has his own desirable Pennsylvania Avenue address, with the Trump International Hotel set to open in September. 
What do people think about the prospect of Trump having not one, but two Pennsylvania Avenue addresses come January?
"I would prefer it be at the hotel," said Sharda Kothavade, a Clinton supporter from Minneapolis, as she strolled by the White House with her daughter and son.
Robby Horton, visiting D.C. with his family from Arkansas, said he'd rather Trump occupy both places than Clinton get a second stay at 1600.
"I don't want Hillary here. It's as simple as that. Not everybody in Arkansas are Clinton supporters," Horton said.
Briana Urbina, a D.C.-based teacher and attorney, said she would rather Trump just stay "in New York" and steer clear of the city altogether.
"Honestly, I thought the whole campaign was about expanding hotels, I didn't think he was really serious about running for president," Urbina said.
Trump's campaign has caused some trouble for the hotel project, which began in 2012. Last summer, two celebrity chefs -- José Andrés and Geoffrey Zakarian -- pulled out of their restaurant deals with the hotel after Trump said at a rally that Mexicans coming to the United States are "bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists."
Trump and the chefs are now locked in multimillion-dollar lawsuits over the broken contracts, but construction of the hotel has continued at the historic Old Post Office building at 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue. 
Walking by the hotel site with her students, Maria, an English teacher, said she thought one address was enough for Trump. 
"This one," she said. "And they all agree — my international students, who happen to be Mexican, and Spanish, and Muslim."
Bill Anthony disagreed. 
"I've got no problem with Mr. Trump,” said Anthony, as he went on his way back to work.