Some at Trump rally in Green Bay aren't sold on him just yet

Posted at 11:32 PM, Aug 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-06 00:54:32-04

Donald Trump made his first appearance in Wisconsin as the GOP Presidential nominee Friday evening.

Trump and his Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence spoke to a packed room at the KI Convention Center in Green Bay.  Trump says he might have lost Wisconsin, but he's learned a lot since the primary.

Many who came out to watch the Trump rally says they have always been Trump backers.

"From the beginning," says Linda Dusek, Trump supporter.

One Kewaunee businessman says Trump's business practices appeal to him.

"The guy has been able to build a heck of a company. He's decent to his employees, he treats people decent," says John Mastlair.

Others say it's his straight talk.

"I like what he says and what he stands for," says Jim Hoffman, Oshkosh.

But some people who came here say they are not sure if they can vote for Trump. Some say he is not a true conservative.

"We want to come around we really do. We were Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio supporters," says Wayne Johnson, undecided voter.

Others says they are Republicans but do not always like what they hear from him.

"It's important that I have opportunities for my kids that why grow up in an environment that they can thrive and be safe," says Kathy Nordeen, undecided voter.

But a majority of the people here say they won't be supporting Hillary Clinton either.

"We aren't quite 100 percent on board but there is no way we would vote for Hillary Clinton, no way," says Johnson.

Trump also endorsed Congressman Paul Ryan at the event. Though top GOP leaders including Ryan, Senator Ron Johnson and Governor Scott Walker all skipped Trump's rally citing other commitments.