PolitiFact: Is Trump the only nominee to not release tax returns?

Posted at 8:45 PM, Sep 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-29 22:07:57-04

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Donald Trump in Waukesha on Wednesday talked about cutting taxes, but he did not bring up his tax returns.
PolitiFact Wisconsin looks at the claim made by Democrats that Trump is the first to not release his tax returns in 40 years.
"I've been under audit for almost 15 years".

That was Trump during the presidential debate. The billionaire businessman says he can't release current tax returns because he's being audited.

However, Trump made this offer during the debate. "I will release my tax returns, against my lawyers' wishes, when she (Hillary Clinton) releases her 33,000 emails that have been deleted."
Clinton released 15 years of tax returns dating back to 2000. Democrats - including Senator Tammy Baldwin -are calling on Trump to release his tax returns.
"What Tammy Baldwin said was, except for Trump, every major party nominee has released their tax returns over the past 40 years," said Tom Kertscher at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
PolitiFact Wisconsin looked at the record for all of the previous Democratic and Republican nominees.

In 2012, Mitt Romney released two years of returns. In 1980, Ronald Reagan showed one year. Only Gerald Ford did not release his tax returns, but he did release a summary of his taxes. PolitFact Wisconsin rated Baldwin's claim mostly Mostly True.
"She is nearly accurate in saying for the past 40 years all the major years nominee have released their tax returns but there is the one exception of Gerald Ford in 1976," said Kertscher.