PolitiFact: Does Trump export jobs overseas?

Posted at 7:06 PM, Aug 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-17 20:13:19-04

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On the campaign trail, Donald Trump often says America is not winning anymore, especially when it comes to trade. But Democrats accuse the billionaire businessman of exporting jobs.

Senate Democrat Tammy Baldwin made the claim during a Milwaukee rally for VP candidate Tim Kaine.
"One of the things Tammy Baldwin said is that Donald Trump has a long history of exporting jobs," said Tom Kertscher with PolitiFact at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

For the record, Trump's name is big in the business world. CNN Money reports 34,000 employees in the US, and he's connected to 500 companies.
The Trump label is on many products, and not all of them are made in America.
"Trump does have a line of various products, clothing, furniture, different things with the Trump brand, and many of those are made overseas," said Kertscher.

Previous national PolitiFact stories have called claims that Trump does not make anything in America as false. As to Baldwin's claim that Trump has a history of exporting jobs - PolitiFact rated it Half True.

"It's not as though there were jobs he created in the US and then moved overseas, they were jobs from the outset began in different countries."