Marquette Poll: Trump has 0 percent support among black Wisconsinites

Posted at 5:21 PM, Nov 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-03 18:33:16-04

MILWAUKEE -- The race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump may have tightened slightly in Wisconsin, but a closer look at the latest edition of the Marquette University Law School Poll reveals that Trump is lacking support among a key demographic: Black Wisconsinites.

Among all likely voters Marquette polled, Mr. Trump registered 40 percent support. However, among the 61 people who identified themselves as "African American or Black," not one supported Trump. You can see the raw numbers for yourself here.

92 percent said they would vote for Clinton, while three percent said Gary Johnson. Another four percent either didn't know or said they weren't going to vote, while the remainder didn't answer the question.

Trump has struggled in courting black voters elsewhere as well. A late October poll put him at one percent in Pennsylvania, and earlier numbers pegged his unfavorable rating among African Americans at 97 percent. At the same time, the Republican candidate has continued to make people of color a focus of his stump speeches, saying recently he would usher in a "new deal for black America."

The same Marquette University poll found the race for U.S. Senate is a virtual tie: Democrat Russ Feingold leads Republican Ron Johnson 45-44 percent with less than a week until Election Day.