Local Trump campaign signs vandalized

Posted at 12:03 PM, Oct 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-10 13:03:30-04

Donald Trump supporters in Wisconsin aren't backing down as vandals continue to destroy or steal Trump campaign signs.

Scott Catarozoli owns the dental practice at 104th and Forest Home Ave. in Hales Corners.

He allows his patients to place political signs outside his practice, but Sunday afternoon, someone trashed his Trump sign.

"I got a text from a friend with the picture. He said 'look what someone did.' I was at church so I couldn't do anything that second. I came back and had it taken down," said Scott Catarozoli, the owner of Dental Care with Amore'.

Brenda Weston lives a few blocks away. She says her Trump sign was stolen a couple of weeks ago. Her husband immediately replaced it.

"We have a right to our opinion too. It's ridiculous. Why don't they leave things alone? It's childlike, said Brenda Weston.

The Trump sign is now gone from Forest Home Ave, but Catarozoli says he welcomes a replacement.

"I'll let them put a Trump sign up and then I'll let them put a Hillary sign up next to it," said Catarozoli.

Hales Corners police are investigating, and so are police in the Town of Geneva. Political signs have been stolen there in the past few weeks. One crime was caught on camera. No arrests have been made. It is against the law to steal political signs.