Kaine campaigns for Clinton in Madison Tuesday

Kaine didn't mince words as he took aim at Trump
Posted at 10:14 PM, Nov 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-01 23:14:44-04
MADISON -- Tim Kaine was welcomed with open arms on UW-Madison’s campus Tuesday. Hillary Clinton supporters who attended his rally said they’re more energized than ever by the Clinton-Kaine ticket. 
“I like his experience as a governor and senator of Virginia,” said Leslie Mitchell from Milwaukee. “I like that he’s really enthusiastic about trying to change things for the better.”
But Mitchell is one of many Democratic voters who were hoping to hear directly from Clinton before Election Day. In a rare move by a Democratic presidential candidate, Clinton has not made a stop in Wisconsin since before April’s Primary Election.
“It disappoints me because I would like to see her here,” Mitchell said. “The presidential candidate always stops in Madison. I’d like to hear from her.”
"I think she's got such a strong hand in Wisconsin already, that she's sending her surrogates here to help keep-up the support,” adds Nicole Kauffman.
But Clinton lost the Wisconsin Primary to Bernie Sanders, who’s campaigning for her in Milwaukee Wednesday. And on Tuesday night, Kaine emphasized just how important winning Wisconsin is.
“Do you feel the pressure on your shoulders?” Kaine asked the crowd. “I’m trying to up the pressure here, so you do your best work. This is a crucial state.”
Still, most Clinton supporters seem unfazed by not seeing their candidate here in-person.
“I’m surprised, but I understand, “ said UW-Madison student Angela Xu. “I feel like a lot of other swing states are more crucial.”
“I think she’s got to fight for herself in Florida and Ohio,” adds Mike Kauffman.
“I’m not bothered by it at all,” Zeehan Usman said. “I think she knows where things are headed, and she sent Kaine to represent her here. I’m confident she’ll be our next president.”
Kaine did not address the latest Clinton email controversy Tuesday night. Democratic voters who attended his rally say it’s a non-issue.