Johnson stands by Trump as others in GOP bail

Posted at 10:02 AM, Oct 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-10 23:47:49-04

WAUKESHA -- Donald Trump's open mic comments from more than a decade ago, became a hot topic in Wisconsin's Senate race Monday.

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson was in Waukesha, hosting a roundtable discussion about the Affordable Care Act with health care workers and business owners.

But reporters were quick to ask if Johnson still supports Trump for president..

"What I've been saying is that I will obviously not vote for Hillary Clinton," the Republican candidate said.

Johnson's opponent in the election, Democrat Russ Feingold, was quick to criticize.

"Sen. Johnson won't say he endorses him, won't endorse him, he's just being a politician who's afraid of his reelection so it's time for all Americans to put aside their own political ambitions and say what is clear. Donald Trump shouldn't be president," Feingold said.

Johnson and Feingold square off in a debate on Friday in Green Bay. 

Johnson says he would ask Feingold how he could continue to support Clinton, saying that her "dereliction of duty" cost four American lives in Benghazi and her use of a private email server put national security at risk.

Trump made similar attacks in Sunday's presidential debate.