Democrats ready for final stretch

Posted at 7:59 PM, Oct 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-27 20:59:40-04

Premium price hikes for Obamacare and more questions about the Clinton Foundation. TODAY'S TMJ4's Charles Benson talked about all of that and more with Clinton battleground states spokesperson Lily Adams.

"We will never take a state for granted," Adams said.

The Clinton camp is getting ready for the final stretch, as more questions from hacked emails allege a cozy relationship with the Clinton Foundation and big money making opportunities for Bill Clinton and his family.

Benson: Doesn't this speak to issues of transparency with Sec. Clinton and trust on these issues?

Adams: I think we have two foundations and I would be happy to compare them any day of the week. What we've seen from the Trump Foundation is one that really has not provided any results for folks at all.

Adams said no member of the family has received a dime from the Clinton Foundation.

"On the Clinton Foundation side, they do immeasurable good work across the world," she said. "Millions of people now have access to HIV/Aids medication because of the work the Clinton Foundation does."

The Trump campaign in Wisconsin responded in a statement.

"... The (Clinton) Foundation was nothing more than a way to fund Bill & Hillary's lavish lifestyle and selling access to do it," said Pete Meachum, the Wisconsin State Director.

Premiums for the affordable healthcare plan are expected to jump on average more than 20 percent next year. Republicans want to repeal and replace it.

Adams: There are now 20 million people across the country who now have healthcare who didn't have healthcare before. So to kick all those people off their plan just seems unwise - given the gridlock we're seeing in Washington.

Benson: The plan is called the affordable healthcare act - Does she (Sec. Clinton) believe it is affordable, currently?

Adams: Certainly there are many folks who are receiving very affordable plans. I think you are seeing through the Affordable Care Act an extension of many young people who are now on their parent's insurance plan. Women now have access to preventive care at no cost. So there are a lot of savings that millions of Americans have received. Can we do more? Should we do more? Absolutely.

Trump's team fired back.

"Obamacare is a huge failure raising premiums on average 25 percent," said Meachum, who is with the Trump campaign in Wisconsin. "What's worse is that Democrats Hillary Clinton and Russ Feingold lied to get it passed."

While Clinton leads in Wisconsin polls she has yet to campaign here.

Benson: With 12 days to go, can you promise or guarantee that she will try to come here to try to close the deal with Wisconsin voters?

Adams: Well, what I will tell you right now is one, I know that Tim Kaine is headed to Wisconsin November 1st. There is no set schedule for Secretary Clinton for the last stretch of the campaign. We will always try our best to get her to Wisconsin.