Charles Benson speaks with Sean Duffy about recount, 2018 race, Trump's carrier deal

Posted at 4:38 PM, Dec 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-01 19:24:53-05

Republican Congressman Sean Duffy has been critical of President-elect Trump, Jill Stein and Democrats for complaining about the election results. TODAY'S TMJ4 Charles Benson talked with Duffy about the recount and the countdown to a big 2018 race.
Benson: The recount has begun in Wisconsin, any concerns about the accuracy of the vote?
Duffy: I think that Jill Stein, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party, this is disgraceful that they are making Wisconsin go through this recount.
This week Congressman Duffy criticized President-elect Trump's tweet which claimed - without any evidence - that he won the popular vote if you deduct millions who voted illegally.

The Wisconsin Republican's advice to Trump - let it go. He has the same advice for Democrats.

"Donald Trump won by 22,000 votes," said Duffy. "There's no evidence that our systems have been hacked or there have been any shenanigans in our election."
Stein raised millions of dollars to force a recount in Wisconsin to verify the vote. Duffy specifically called out Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin - up for reelection in 2018 - for criticizing Trump during the campaign when he claimed the election was rigged.

Duffy: Baldwin should have the backbone to stand up and push back against her party and Hillary Clinton and ask them to stand down.
Benson: You're bringing up Sen. Baldwin - would you like to challenge her in 2018?
Duffy: I haven't made any decisions on what I'm doing in 2018. I haven't gotten to 2017 yet. I'm enjoying my job representing central and northern Wisconsin.
Senator Baldwin's office had this response to the recount: "Senator Baldwin sees no evidence that voting machines were hacked in Wisconsin and she doesn’t believe a recount will change the outcome, but she appreciates the work of local election officials to eliminate any doubt people may have, whether its President-elect Trump or anyone else, about the integrity of the vote."