Cops: Seattle man arrested after throwing 'Batarang' at police car

Posted at 8:33 PM, Jul 27, 2016
Police in Seattle said a man was arrested Monday after throwing a Batman-inspired weapon at a cop car.
The unidentified 23-year-old allegedly launched an object known as a Batarang -- an iconic bat-shaped weapon featured in all Batman in comics, movies and TV adaptions – at a police SUV.
According to Time, the man threw the Batarang at police officers as they pursued him for allegedly threatening a bouncer at a bar with a homemade spear. The makeshift weapon was apparently comprised of a knife attached to a metal pole.
As they began catching up to him, officers witnessed the man throwing an object at the SUV. They later discovered a “sharp, black Batman-style throwing star” embedded in the front of their SUV.
The man was booked into the King County Jail for felony assault, He could face additional weapons and obstruction charges, as well.