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Colorado woman cited for allegedly causing urine to explode in 7-Eleven microwave

Posted at 6:56 AM, May 07, 2018


(KUSA) A Colorado women, who police are identifying as Angelique Sanchez, heated up what appeared to be urine in a 7/11 microwave causing the urine to explode. 

"I really don't know any good reason why anyone would want to warm up urine.. one plausible explanation would be maybe they have a urine test that is coming up so they stick it in the microwave, put it in there for 10 seconds..." says Dr. Comilla Sasson. 

The clerk who was on duty at the time says she heard a loud bang after Sanchez placed the container in the microwave. When the clerk asked Sanchez to clean the mess up, she didn't and left. 

Police were called and they eventually found Sanchez at a nearby health clinic waiting for a physical and a urinalysis for a job. According to the police report, Sanchez told the officer that she cleaned the mess up and did not understand the problem. 

The officer reminded her that the urine blew up where people heat up their food. 

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