Colorado couple expecting rare set of twins

Mono mono twins occur once in every 10,000 births
Posted at 6:31 AM, Sep 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-07 07:31:48-04
OURAY, COLO. -- A couple's first pregnancy is always exciting, and completely terrifying at the same time.
For one Ouray, Colorado couple, the pregnancy experience is a little different. They're awaiting a rare set of 'mono mono' twins in which the babies share the same placenta and amniotic sac.
Mono mono twins occur only once in every 10,000 pregnancies.
Parents Jessica Garcia and Keith Hawkins were surprised to hear they were having twins when they went for a checkup for their first pregnancy.
"He almost fainted," Jessica Garcia said laughing. "We were just staring at the screen and we were like, 'there are two heads in there!'"
Their two baby girls, Tatiana and Trinity, will soon be introduced into the world.