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Clumsy thieves drop big screen TV while escaping on scooter

Posted at 11:37 AM, Dec 27, 2018

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Davie, FL (WPTV) -- Some clumsy crooks in South Florida quickly found out they probably should have brought along a bigger vehicle for their recent heist.

Video tweeted by the Davie Police Department on Wednesday shows a man stealing a 43-inch television from a Walmart earlier this month.

After the robber leaves the store carrying the large television, he attempts to hop on a scooter that is waiting for him to escape.

However, while trying to board the scooter, the thief drops the stolen television, possibly damaging it. Video shows him stop to pick it up, then climb back on with the television as he and the driver speed away from the scene.

Davie police urged the public to call them at 954-693-8200 or Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS if you recognize the crooks.