Baldwin denies pulling trigger in deadly film accident

Alec Baldwin
Posted at 11:36 AM, Aug 19, 2022

Nearly 10 months after a gun in his hand fired a fatal round into cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, actor Alec Baldwin claimed he did not pull the trigger.

Baldwin had a firearm during the filming of “Rust,” when the round fatally wounded Hutchins.

In an interview with CNN, Baldwin said that no one should be charged in the incident, but he blamed two crew members, armorer Hannah Gutirrez Reed and assistant director Dave Halls.

“I never once said, never, that the gun went off in my hand automatically,” Baldwin said. “I always said I pulled the hammer back and I pulled it back as far as I could. I never took a gun and pointed at somebody and clicked the thing.”

Officials said 150 live rounds were found on the set. Baldwin questioned how those rounds made it on set.

“What was the provenance of all the bullets on the set? Where did those come from?” Baldwin asked.

The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office has investigated the incident but has not filed charges.

Baldwin said he thinks about the incident every day.

“And she was great at her job and she died and she died and that’s that hurts me every day. You know, every day of my life I think about that it’s horrible,” he said.