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Arizona couple working with Mattel on same-sex wedding set

Posted at 8:31 AM, Dec 17, 2018

A gay couple in Arizona has gotten the attention of toy manufacturing company Mattel in hopes of diversifying toy aisles across America.

The couple, Matt Jacobi and Nick Caprio originally were looking for a set to use in their wedding but noticed there were only Ken and Barbie wedding sets. The couple ended up swapping out the Barbie for an additional Ken doll.

According to NBC affiiliate WCNC, Jacobi posted the picture of the altered set to his social media and sent a message to Mattel saying, "I hope this inspires you."

It worked. Mattel got back to the couple days later inviting them to a meeting in Los Angeles to help design a same-sex couple set.

jacobi and Caprio used their nieces as an example of what early exposure to same-sex couples in toys can mean to children growing up.

"We just want every family to be reflected within the toys," Caprio said. "They’re a big part of our culture and it’s something that if kids are always exposed to this and they can see their own family, it gets rid of the question of what is this and this explanation and long story you have to go through, because it’s something that will just be what it is and it’s just people that are in love."