Angel on camera? Michigan pastor says security camera captured a miracle

Posted at 1:32 PM, May 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-13 14:41:21-04

(WPBN) Do you believe in miracles? A group of people in East Jordan, Michigan believe they have come across one.

Glen Thorman's security camera captured the image. 

"I said 'That's an angel!' And I was just blown away," he recalls. 

The camera is only activated by a motion sensor.

On Wednesday, it emailed him a picture that shows what he says looks like an angel hovering over his truck, then moving out of the frame.

One of the first things he did was send the picture to the pastor of his church, Deneille Moes.

"It was really clear to me the minute I looked at the photo, I just kind of freaked out a bit," Moes said. "I went like 'Whoa! That's an angel!' And I texted him back, 'That's an angel.' There wasn't any doubt in my mind that we were looking at something supernatural."

We took the photos to Glass Lakes Photography in Petoskey to look at them with studio owner, Joe Clark. 

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