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Amazon driver seen dropping packages into sewer in Baltimore neighborhood

Posted at 10:20 AM, Jun 23, 2020

An Amazon driver was seen dropping packages into the sewer in a Baltimore neighborhood.

According to Baltimore County Police, officers were called to the neighborhood around 6:44 p.m. Sunday after a neighbor called 911 to say an Amazon driver was dropping packages into the sewer.

Police say the driver is from a temp agency and wanted to get off work. He dumped the packages out of anger and the temp agency will be on the hook for the damages.

Police are waiting for the officer to finish the report to see how many packages were damaged.

They will then determine if an arrest needs to be made.

An Amazon spokesperson released a statement on the incident:

We have high standards for delivery service partners and expect every package to be handled with care. We've notified the right teams internally and will work with the customers directly on matters related to their package delivery.

WMAR first reported this story.