Although they're popular in the summer, doctors warn about the dangers of flip-flops

Posted at 9:26 PM, Jul 25, 2016

It's something many break out during summer. We are talking about flip-flops!

But before you put them on - you'll want to see this story.

"They are easy to put on and take off and they are nice in the summer," says Brent Gutmann.

With the heat -- out comes the feet. But Flip-flops get a big fat, F when it comes to footwear safety.

“By definition it is kind of flopping off your foot essentially," says Dr. Zachary Vaupel.

Dr. Vaupel is a Foot & Ankle Surgeon with Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak. He says continuous flip-flop wearing can wear out your feet.

"Planter fasciitis, or heel pain, we can see pain in the arch," says Vaupel. "Tendinitis, stress fractures and shin splits."

Some problems caused by flips flops could affect the rest of your body.

“Trips and falls, strains and sprains broken bones and things like that," says Vaupel.

"With children, because they are more active, we do see injuries in children because thus typically tend to run around and do things they probably shouldn't do in a flip flop," he continues.

If you plan on wearing flip-flops -- Dr. Vaupel has this advice.

"You have to be careful on stairs. You don't really want to wear them for a long period of time or for walking long distances."

He also cautions, "Make sure you have sunscreen on. Not only is it really painful to get a sunburn on the top of your foot but it can lead to blisters and infections."

"If you have a flip flop that's too small it can cause pressure point that can lead to irritations and blisters. If it's too big, it's unstable you can slip and fall," Vaupel says. "Cushioned shoe that's supportive closed toe that can protect from injuries and supports the foot and can reduce foot pain."

Sneakers are probably the safest footwear option but are flip-flops worse the heels?

“I would say probably flip flops,” Vaupel says.