3-year-old dies in hot daycare bus in Texas

Posted at 1:17 PM, Jul 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-21 14:18:23-04

HOUSTON -- A child died Thursday after being left inside a daycare bus in Harris County, Texas.

Officials said the 3-year-old boy was left inside a daycare van at Discover Me Academy from about 3 p.m. until about 7 p.m. after a field trip.

"Every day, I see the bus come in and, diligently, the drivers drop the kids off and count them. You know, when they're loading them, they're counting them on and off the bus," Kenneth Brooks said. "On this particularly day, I saw them get off the bus and she was just ushering them off the bus."

"A few hours later, I saw the owner come out and I saw a gentleman with her and they were just screaming and hollering. Right then, I knew something was wrong," Brooks added.

When found, the child was unresponsive, authorities said.

"A father arriving here to pick up his beloved child only to find out that they're looking around for him," Constable Alan Rosen said. "I just can't. I just can't imagine."

Rosen said the boy didn't get off the bus with the other children.

The temperature recorded on the bus was 113 degrees.

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