Man accused of sexual assault of boys at Camp Napowan

Posted at 10:24 PM, Aug 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-08 12:36:04-04

A criminal complaint issued against Coleman Leonard, 19, of Clark, Ill., accuses him of repeated sexual abuse of boys as young as 14 while using marijuana. 

Court documents say this happened while the suspect worked at a Camp Napowan, a Boy Scout camp in Waushara County, going back to last summer. 

One of the victims came forward on July 25th, giving Waushara County deputies notes he took after possible sexual assaults at the camp weeks before. 

As deputies continued to investigate, they found two more victims who came forward, saying Leonard had assaulted them, another this summer and one last year. 

The victim who says Leonard assaulted him in 2017 told investigators he felt afraid to turn down Leonard’s advances. 

Leonard denied assaulting anyone last year, but admitted to some of the instances from this summer, saying he was high for some of them. 

In a statement, the Boy Scouts of America's CEO Jeff Isaac says quote, “This behavior is abhorrent and runs counter to everything for which the Boy Scouts of America stand.” 

Isaac says BSA has removed Leonard and will prohibit him from working for the scouts in the future. 

If convicted, Leonard could face more than 100 years behind bars.