Zoo to hold Animal Enrichment Day on Saturday

Posted at 5:33 PM, Jun 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-07 20:17:46-04

The Milwaukee County Zoo will hold its 3rd annual Animal Enrichment Day Saturday, June 11.

"Enrichment is anything we can give the animals that improves their life and makes it better," said zookeeper Michelle Rabon.

Rabon said zookeepers plan enrichment exercises that mimic activities animals would do in the wild.

The southern ground hornbills will get paper bags filled with straw, meal worms, and dead mice. The birds peck at the bags and forage through them for the food, just like they would do in the grass in the wild.

Rabon said zookeepers will give the snow leopard some new toys to play with such as a tube hanging from the roof of the exhibit.

"Snow leopards are very big and very strong so we want to show off all his muscles and his jumping ability which is very important because that's how they would actually take down prey, would be to pounce on it out in the wild," she said.

Rabon said animal enrichment is her favorite thing about being a zookeeper.

"When you actually see the animal out there and they're doing something and they look like they're enjoying themselves I think that's fun too. I think the keepers have just as much fun with it as the animals do."

The Milwaukee County Zoo's Animal Enrichment Day runs from 10am-2pm, Saturday, June 11. Get more information here.