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Zoo Interchange ramp finally opening after three years

Posted at 5:57 PM, Jun 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-20 19:17:48-04

MILWAUKEE, WI - Metro Milwaukee motorists’ woes will soon fade as the state Department of Transportation prepares to open the new I-94 ramp—a ramp that’s been closed for a little over three years.

“I know it’s a necessary evil," Joe Militello lamented.  "It has to be done." 

The new I-94 system ramp may be a milestone for Milwaukee, but it hasn't come without a lot of inconvenience for motorists like Joe Militello. He makes a living traveling the roads with his limousine company.

"It has been a big headache, I’m hoping that it’ll end soon," Militello said.

Fortunately for Militello, the Zoo Interchange Project deadline is fast approaching.

“We’re nearing the completion of the zoo interchange," Jason Roselle said. 

And as the ramp’s opening day nears Jason Roselle, construction supervisor with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, said he and his team are ramping up production.

“We’re a little over two months away from being done with the core of the zoo interchange and kind of wrapping it up," Roselle said. 

The restructuring of this ramp linking I-94 westbound with I-894 southbound took about three and a half years to complete, but Sara Fueling said it was all for good reason.

“It’s the busiest interchange in the state," Fueling said. "And we had to maintain traffic." 

Not only is it the tallest structure in the new interchange, but it was the also the first to close when construction started years ago and now it’s the last to open and once it does the interchange will finally be fully functional.

"It’ll be a little different I think for traffic that’s been use to using those detours," Fueling said. 

"But just watch the signs and pay attention and you’ll figure it out," she continued. 

The ramp is expected to officially open June 27.