Year-round beer garden planned for Brady Street

Some neighbors complain about potential noise
Posted at 6:50 PM, Dec 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-12 19:50:17-05

If a local bar has its way, you could grab a beer outdoors all year long.

Nomad Bar on Brady Street is just steps away from beginning construction on two new buildings, including a space for food and a year-round beer garden.

Owner, Mike Eitel met with Milwaukee's Historic Preservation Commission on Monday. He presented plans to tear down the building to the south of Nomad's, building a similar structure in the same spot.

Between the buildings he intends to build an indoor/outdoor year-round beer garden.

The Commission unanimously approved his plans, but some of his neighbors aren't thrilled with the impending change.

"The issue with the Nomad is noise. Loud music, loud big-screen TV, and loud patrons disturb our enjoyment of our patio," wrote Charles Lanman, who lives on the fourth floor of a condo a few doors down.

Lanman filed a letter with the Commission, one of several the entity received. One was withdrawn Monday, as the building was sold to Eitel.

Eitel said he and the architect have accounted for those noise concerns.

"Much of that is going to be beaten down by the new design, putting up walls and roof lines," Eitel explained.

Lanman said if the plans are for a more enclosed beer garden, he expects the noise might be better.