Wounded veteran chases pro wrestling dreams

Posted at 9:31 PM, Dec 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-02 22:37:25-05

Ben is preparing for the fight of his life.

"All it takes is one break," Ben Manthe said.

That break is near.

Two times a day, six days a week Ben is in the gym chasing his dream to become a pro wrestler.

"I have the biggest opportunity of my life on Saturday, but I am ready," he said.

His real life story of survival and determination fuels his alter ego, Ben McCoy.

"Ben McCoy is an American fighting bad mamajamma he is not a guy you want to tangle with," he said.

Five years ago this army veteran was wounded in combat while fighting in Afghanistan.

An X-ray picture shows the bullet lodged in his jaw.

"When first met Ben and he told me his story I started crying," said pro wrestler and promoter Tommy Dreamer.

Dreamer is giving ben the shot he has been waiting on.

"You can expect the unexpected," he said.

On Saturday, thousands will pack the Waukesha County Expo for the "House of Hardcore - Blizzard Brawl".

"We are not curing cancer, this is entertainment, this professional wrestling.  I want you to forget the real world for three hours and just have fun," Dreamer said.

Dreamer has been taking his show from the states to Australia and Japan.

It is that exposure ben is banking on.

"A lot of people do wrestling for different reasons," he said. "My reason, if I can give that mom that is working two jobs, 15 minutes of escape with her son..... that is all that matters."