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'Maybe late, never denied': World War II veteran Anna Mae Robertson honored in Milwaukee

Anna Mae Robertson
Posted at 10:51 AM, Mar 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-08 14:20:00-05

MILWAUKEE — Friday afternoon, inside the Tabernacle Community Baptist Church, history was celebrated.

"This is history. Her story is history," said Kenya Robertson, Anna Mae's granddaughter.

Anna Mae Robertson, 97, enlisted in the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps in 1943 army and served in the 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion or better known as "Six Triple Eight." The only African American Women's Army Corps to sever overseas during World War II.

Robertson, a Milwaukee native, was also honored in 2019 in a special D-Day ceremony to commemorate the first and only female African American unit deployed overseas during World War II.

Anna Mae Robertson
Anna Mae Robertson
Anna Mae Robertson
Anna Mae Robertson
Anna Mae Robertson

Robertson at the time was one of only seven living members. She was honored at a special ceremony at the War Memorial Center.

The female heroes largely have been ignored, but they are in the spotlight thanks to a documentary called "Six Triple Eight."

Six Triple Eight was the nickname for the only black female battalion that served in Europe during World War II. They were deployed to England to sort through a backlog of mail.

The all-Black female battalion was tasked with sorting through mail sent to the troops from their loved ones.

There was backlog of six months of mail and over 17 million pieces of mail they sorted through.

The woman came up with a system that worked for them, and even a motto.

"No mail, low morale," Rep. Gwen Moore stated.

They did all this work while working in a difficult environment.

Sheree Robertson said her mother worked in deplorable conditions. "It was rodent infested," Sheree said.

Nearly 80 years since she enlisted, she was honored at her home church in front of family, friends and local leaders.

Acting Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson honored 97-year-old Anna Mae Robertson Friday with a proclamation for her accomplishments during the Second World War.

She'll also receive a Congressional Gold Medal, through a bipartisan legislation authored by Rep. Moore and Senator Moran.

"The Six Triple Eight Battalion are the only women to receive a gold medal of any race," Moore said, smiling.

Congresswoman Moore said it took two sessions to get passed, but she's elated it finally happened.

Moore said the medals are still being designed and once that's complete another celebration will take place in Milwaukee to honor Anna Mae.

Anna Mae's family will also get together Saturday to celebrate her 98th birthday and "Anna Mae Robertson Day."

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