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Contractor that punctured Sun Prairie gas line not registered in Wisconsin

Posted: 5:12 PM, Jul 19, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-19 22:19:54Z

The contractor who struck a gas line in Sun Prairie last week  is not registered to do business in Wisconsin. 

The gas line exploded killing volunteer firefighter Cory Barr and injured 13 others. 

It’s unclear whether V-C Tech, the company in question, needed to be registered to do work as a subcontractor. 

Recordings show a construction worker called 911 to warn he could smell and hear a leak from a broken gas main, just before a massive explosion that destroyed six buildings in southern Wisconsin.

The worker told the dispatcher, “it’s bad,” after explaining a main had been struck in downtown Sun Prairie, near Madison.

Officials redacted the name of the caller before the 911 calls were released Tuesday. Police have not said whether they will recommend charges in the July 10 explosion, that killed Barr.

More than two dozen 911 calls were made in the aftermath of the explosion. Another caller said there was smoke coming from a house that looked like it had blown up.