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Woman sentenced after climbing on top of steering wheel, stabbing bus driver

Posted at 7:03 AM, Nov 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-20 08:03:24-05

A woman has been sentenced to a three-year term of imprisonment after stabbing a Milwaukee County Transit bus driver in May.

Betty Roberts, 24, said she has no recollection of the incident in which she jumped over a partition, started pressing control buttons, climbed on top of the steering wheel and eventually stabbed a bus driver on May 15. She told police she didn't remember because she uses "crack and heroin," according to the criminal complaint.

Roberts cut the bus driver in his right forearm, leaving a 2-3 in. laceration.

She was charged with battery to a public transit operator, etc., use of dangerous weapon after the incident in May. She has since been sentenced initial confinement of 15 months and extended supervision for 21 months. The court also recommended psychological/psychiatric treatment as deemed necessary by the Department of Corrections, and extended supervision in the mental health unit.