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Woman dragged out of car in Brown Deer carjacking

Posted at 3:34 PM, Dec 07, 2017


Two carjackers stalked and dragged a woman out of her car in an ALDI parking lot in Brown Deer Thursday. 

According to Brown Deer police, the 60-year-old victim was in her car around 5:10 p.m. when a black male teenager opened her car door and tried to get her out. 

The victim tried to fight him off, but he dragged her out of the car by her ankles and drove off. She suffered a minor ankle injury. 

Customers at the grocery store were stunned by the brazen act. Lena Camara shops at the ALDI once or twice a week. 

“It’s something that I wouldn’t expect to happen here," Camara said. "I don’t know, so how I just felt a little bit safer than this.” 

“It’s just appalling," said another shopper Don Wilson. "What they need to do, Milwaukee and Brown Deer, they’re around here all the time, they need more presence.” 

Milwaukee police later found the stolen car and chased the suspects, who crashed the car. The occupants of the car were arrested. 

On Wednesday, the Milwaukee County District Attorney charged a 16-year-old Milwaukee teen with strong arm robbery and other charges related to the car theft. The DA intends to file a petition to move the 16-year-old into adult court.