Woman carjacked at gunpoint in Milwaukee

Posted at 6:26 PM, Dec 05, 2016

Charletta Harwell-Payne said she feels uneasy after two men robbed her at gunpoint and demanded her car.

"The car really meant something to me, it’s been a long week,” Harwell-Payne said.

Harwell-Payne said she was cleaning out her car on the street when out of nowhere the two men walked up.

"I thought that I was going to die that night, I just told God please just watch over my baby, take care of my daughter," she said.

Walking TODAY'S TMJ4 through what happened, Harwell-Payne said she was then pulled out of the car by one of the thieves and slammed to the ground, which ended up separating her shoulder.

"I'm still like kind of in a twilight zone," Harwell-Payne said.

She didn't have the car for long. It was recently given to her by her grandmother who just passed away from cancer.

"It hurt because she really loved that car and when she signed it she said you take care of my baby now, I was like 'OK granny', that was the only thing that I had left besides pictures and stuff, I didn't even have the car for 24 hours and somebody came and robbed me for it," she said.

That's why she needs the public’s help because this was more than just a car to her.

"I just want anybody with any information just to come forward," Harwell-Payne said.

Police tellTODAY'S TMJ4 that this investigation is ongoing and they are still looking for the suspects and Charletta's car.